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Llama is a ferocious family of 10k NFTs built to eliminate your competitors. It is a one-of-a-kind project that mixes blockchain technology with the fun of cartoons. Get these Llamas and fight the aggressive battles to become the leader in NFT Community. Because the NFT industry is flourishing right now, you are obtaining excellent features and an early mover edge over others.

You will get

100% exclusive rights.

Also includes

Metadata (.json) files

The Collection is

Ready To Mint

01 Problem

Each of our Readymade collections has three Rarity categories, Platinum, Gold, and Generic. The Platinum category has 10 Super rare NFTs, Gold has 100 Rare NFTs and the rest of 9890 are Generic NFTs.

02 Approach

Our NFTs are randomly generated using different traits varying from 70 to 150 in range. Buying the 10k Readymade NFT collection is a really smart decision as the collection is ready to be minted. This will help you save time on creation and spend it on marketing.

03 Solution

For the NFT collections, we can assist you in providing Branding solutions, creating Websites, Landing pages, Promotional ad banners, Video trailers/teasers, Social Media Campaign banners, logos, and much more.

Example Preview

Discover all of the little touches included in our Readymade NFT Collections. You can easily discover their story and personality by checking out their outfit, their expression – and of course, their backgrounds.

We love all of our collections, but some of them stand out a bit more than others. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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