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10,000 NFTs are included in each collection.

It’s Simple. You can choose the NFT collection (as many as you like) that you want to buy and then get in touch with us. Once the deal is finalized, we will give you the NFTs within 24 hours. If you have any special requests, it may take additional time, depending on your needs and availability.

You will get 10,000 Readymade NFTs generated using 100+ different traits. You get the exclusive rights to use or sell the artwork along with 100% ownership. You will also get: Metadata(.json), Trait files.

Yes, the project is entirely yours. You can either mint it or even sell it to anyone else.

Yes, you can buy as many as you like from the above-listed collections.

Yes, Some changes are possible. What’s allowed:
Add your Logo on Shirt, Hats, Masks etc.
Removal of a specific element.

Requirement of a certain quantity of a specific trait.
Changing the background color, and more…

Almost anything is permitted; however, adding traits like new cloth, mouth, shape or character requires more work, there will be some additional charges.

No rarity is currently included. However, You can share your requirements, select from available traits, and define rarity. It will be provided at no additional cost. Please make this clear before purchasing.

Yes, the Readymade NFTs are created keeping this purpose in mind.

For the NFT collections, We can assist you in creating websites, landing pages, promotion ad banners, video trailers/teasers, social media campaign banners, logos, and much more.

If you have come this far, We believe you are on the right path to becoming a millionaire selling NFTs. Let’s get in touch to discuss the prices.