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No Time? No Skills? – No Problem

Enter the NFT Universe with our Ready-made NFT collections to begin minting on all NFT Platforms!!

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100% Exclusive Rights.   ·   Metadata Included   ·   Ready to Minting Files

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The NFT-Verse

NFTs are the real deal now!!
NFT is what we do!!

Are you good at marketing but lack the artistic skills? Do you wish to enter into the NFT Universe, but lack the time to create high quality NFTs? Well, We got you..

No Coding Required

Get your favorite Readymade 10,000 NFT Collection and import it to IPFS including the metadata files, all without writing a single line of code.


Ready To Mint

The NFTs are Ready-to-Mint. All you have to do is buy the Readymade Collections and Sell them on any NFT Platform. We made it so simple that even a child could do it.

64 share

100% Exclusive Rights

You own all of the rights. You have complete control over the collection after you buy it from us. You may either Mint it or sell it to others.

Relax. Buy. Sell. Earn

Our Readymade Collections

Sometimes we follow the trend. But mostly, the trend follows us.

Based on the most recent trends, we have prepared 30+ Readymade NFT Collections, each containing 10,000 NFTs.


Find your favorite Collection

It’s Simple. You can choose the NFT collection (as many as you like) that you want to buy.

Get in touch with us.

Just fill out the form of your requirements and someone from Creative Hatti will contact you.

Mint your NFTs and Earn Millions

Once the deal is finalized, we will give you the NFTs within 24 hours. You are good to go.

Our buyers feedback

Need anything custom? Free free to write us.

100% Exclusive Rights.   |   Metadata Included